Canonical Pastor

Reverend Lawrence E. Frient 

330-536-6436 (Holy Rosary) 330-542-3466 (St. Paul's, New Middletown)


Deacon Frank J. Lellio, Jr.

330-506-1890 (Cell)

Parish Office Manager

Lisa Marie Mrakovich

330-536-6436 (Office) 330-536-6441 (Fax)

CCD Principal / Compliance Officer

Leida Shulgua

330-536-6436 (Office) 330-536-6441 (Fax)

Parish Food Pantry Coordinator

Millie Pitzulo

330-536-6436 (Office) 330-536-6441 (Fax)


Gasper Ballone

330-536-6436 (Office) 330-770-1988 (Cell)



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